Putting Your New Boat In the Water

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A boat can give you hours of summertime fun on the water. Now that you have purchased one, you need to get it out on the water. Here are a few steps to do it on your own so you can start fishing or water skiing.

Get Your Boat Ready

Before you back your boat onto the water, you will want to make sure that it is ready for the water. If you need help locating items, marine services palm beach county can assist you with this. Verify more than once that the plug is in place and that it is secure to hold back the water. Purchase enough life vests and other devices for the amount of guests you plan to accommodate. Load the items you wish to take with you before you back the vessel into the water.

Put It In the Water

You will need multiple people to help navigate the boat into the water. Whoever is driving the vehicle towing it will back the trailer into the water while the others help guide it. Be sure that the towing straps have been removed before you do this to make the process simpler. The engine should be the first to be immersed. You will want to run the blower of the engine first before you fire it on. However, the propeller needs to be kept off until you are fully off the trailer. Once the motor is running well, you will need to free the boat from the trailer. The driver of the vehicle will then continue to reverse the trailer into the water until the boat is floating on its own. The person navigating the boat can drive it further into the water as the trailer is pulled free from the water. You can maneuver the boat to the dock to allow the rest of the passengers to get in so you can head out to the water.