Sadigh Gallery These are Common Areas for Scammers

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Scammers are everywhere. Whether it is a fake phone call from the irs, a good looking but imitation louis vuitton bag, or fake tickets to your favorite basketball game, they operate anywhere there is money to be made. Scammers tend to gravitate towards certain industries however because they offer big paydays. These are the industries that if you’re operating within them, you need to take extra care to avoid not getting taken advantage of.


The art world continues to grow at an astounding rate. Buyers with cash to burn are bidding up prices on all types of art around the world it is also created a thriving industry for art scammers. Mini fake paintings have been discovered and some of the most reputable galleries and museums. Scammers are able to reproduce even the most scrutinized art, leaving these forgeries detectable by only the top art expert. One particular area that is popular with forgers is ancient artifacts. The sculpture from places like ancient Egypt are in high demand and many antiquities collectors will pay top dollar for these collectibles. Collectors it should only purchase these are pieces from reputable dealers. Shops like the Sadigh Gallery are fully licensed and has all the required information to verify any antiquities they sell. When you purchase from a reputable dealer like Sadigh Gallery, you can be sure that what you were purchasing is the real thing.


The amount of scams in the investment community is likely more then there are legitimate Investments. Governments around the world are aggressive about not allowing Investments to approach vulnerable potential investors. There are strict guidelines that must be followed before any contact is made. These procedures are meant to standardize investments and to alert potential investors to scammers who try and get around these procedures. However the greatest challenge for the government and the regulatory bodies is that scammers know how to get investors excited about their offering.

They do this in a way that has the investor neglecting to ask very important questions about the investment and the person selling it. As a rule of thumb, anytime you are approached about an investment, it should be listed with the proper governing bodies, and data about the people and the exact investment should be front and center with you. If there is any lack of transparency regarding the investment, chances are it’s a scammer.


As strange as it sounds, love is a high scam area all around the world. There many scammers looking for lonely people that they can make fall in love with them and then empty their pockets. In many countries around the world, older men are lured by younger women who claim to love them and only want to be free of their horrible lives. Older men tend to want to take care of younger women so they travel to these countries and are astounded by the beauty who is madly in love with them. After a short stay in bliss, the beauty begins to ask the older gentleman for money for her family or our father’s business. After an extended period of time, the older gentleman begins to realize that his love has a love for his money rather than him. This scenario continues to play out around the world and it probably will as long as there are older men and younger women.

Women are not exempt to this scam either. Because there’s so many women were lonely around the world they wear their hearts on their sleeves and are desperate to find a mate. Scammers troll dating sites looking for vulnerable women that they can con. They spend months getting to know the woman online and doing everything they can to make her fall in love with them. Soon they are telling her that they have some very bad trouble and need her to send money to help them get out of the bad scrape. There are scenarios like this where a woman has lost her entire life savings to someone that you’ve never met.

Once the woman transfers the money the person’s profile disappears and his numbers cease to work. Love is the most wonderful thing on the Earth, but it must be managed and people must use common sense alongside their desire to be loved.