SCOAN Prophecies for 2016 – What Came True?

Prophet TB Joshua releases prophecies of the new year each year. Last year, therefore, he discussed what he believed would happen during the course of 2016. The SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations) , which he heads, is determined to ensure all people are able to experience the grace of the Lord, through the vessel of the Prophet TB Joshua. This is why he makes predictions every year, so that people can see that the Lord truly speaks through him as they begin to come true. So what did he prophesize about the year 2016?

Prophecies in 2016

For the year 2016, the Prophet believed that many things would happen and change specifically on the African continent. So convinced he was of this, and of its urgency, that he addressed all of his followers through Emmanuel TV, which is the live Christian broadcasting network. He wanted to ensure that his followers would all be able to hear his predictions. They included:

  • That there would be a huge shortage of food, but that the people of Africa would be able to stop this by returning to the lands, and by governments investing in their country’s agriculture, including by providing loans to local farmers.
  • That the continent of Africa has disappointed the Lord by not producing sufficient food, which is its natural resource, and which should also be its primary export, exchanging it for technology.
  • That there would be an increase in terrorist activity across the continent, mainly due to political instability and political corruption. Additionally, the Prophet believed that there is a lack of political interest.
  • That more people will start to understand that they must do what they love, rather than doing things for the money.
  • That people would need to start supporting the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, who needs his subjects to lead each other towards progress.

2016 turned out to be a tumultuous year for Nigeria, emulating the prophecies made by TB Joshua. He does not believe, however, that this makes him a miracle worker. Rather, he believes that it is proof of his divine nature, as all that he does is done in accordance with the word of the Lord and on His behalf.

The Prophet Joshua is hugely popular in Nigeria because of his work. He has healed the sick, comforted the weak, and provided for the poor. However, he is not a miracle worker, but rather a Man of God, a man who has allowed the Lord to use him as a vessel for His divine work. His prophecies, therefore, have come straight from God. However, prophecies are not set in stone. Rather, they are warnings, telling people that they can change the course of their fate for the better by following the teachings of the Lord.

Through the SCOAN, TB Joshua reaches thousands of people every week. His church halls are full for each sermon, and they are broadcasted through Emmanuel  TV as well. His goal is to make sure more people can hear the will of God in this manner.