Sell Your Junk Car and Pay Off Overdue Credit Card Bills

The gift-giving holiday season may only last a short time, but bad or over-extended budget decisions during that time frame can take up to a year or more to pay off. According to the National Retail Federation, American holiday budgets averaged $967.13 in 2017. That’s not only just for gifts for family and friends, it’s also the highest average dollar amount spent on gifts in a decade. If you’re finding yourself looking down the barrel of debt now that the holidays have long since passed and spring is on its way, you’re not alone. And while that knowledge may not help your stress levels, the fact that you can sell your junk car for cash to pay off credit card bills just might. But why should you even bother doing such a thing?


Help America’s Gross Domestic Product

OK, your individual budget might be in the toilet right now, but that’s nothing compared to the nation’s. At the time of this writing, the US national debt exceeds $20.6 trillion. That equates to a debt of $63,135 per US citizen or almost $170,500 per taxpayer. Car Recycling is America’s 16th largest industry. It covers the practices of 7000 recycling centers, employs approximately 100,000 workers, and contributes $25 billion to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Auto recycling is not just good for your budget, it’s also good for America.

Car Recycling Is Easy, Efficient, and Helps the Environment

Over 95% of vehicles are claimed once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. That makes automobiles the most recycled consumer-based products on the planet. To put it in perspective, 74% of newspaper, 51% of cans, and 22% of glass is recycled on an annual basis. A car is torn apart once it enters a recycling or scrap facility to separate valuable and salvageable materials and then the remaining materials are crushed within seconds. A shredder may be used to transform an unusable item into something fresh that can be resold or reused as necessary. And since many metals and glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times, auto recycling works almost on a loop to continually help the environment.


You’ll Get Cold, Hard Cash and Possibly Even Get Out of Debt

OK, so helping the national budget and saving the planet are great benefits to scrapping a car. But chances are you really just want the free cash. That’s just fine too! The right salvage yard or recycling center can take your junk car off your hands, practically without you needing to lift a finger. Can’t drive it in? No problem. Professional tow services will pick up the vehicle at the appointed place and time. Just be there to present the title and get cold, hard cash in exchange right on the spot. All trades are final, so make sure the vehicle’s cleared of any important items and documents you may need, or it may be too late to retrieve them when you do remember. While a single vehicle may pad your wallet with a couple hundred extra, those who have access to multiple junk cars can easily clear up even the deepest debt once and for all. Give us a call when you’re ready to sell your junk car for cash.