Sennheiser Launches New HD400 Series Headphones Starting Rs. 5,000

Sennheiser Launches New HD400 Series Headphones Starting Rs. 5,000Some of Sennheiser’s most popular mid-range headphones belong to the HD400 range, and the German headphone specialist is now doing its part to boost the range by launching three new models. The Sennheiser HD 451 (Rs. 5,000), HD 461 (Rs. 5,990) and HD 471 (7,990) have been launched in India, and are available now through the company’s official e-store, as well as through regular retailers all over the country.

Commenting on the launch, Kapil Gulati, Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser, said, “Giving our consumers an unforgettable Sennheiser audio experience is our endeavour and with the HD400 series we will step up the audio experience by leaps and bounds. The headphones are a perfect combination of Sennheiser’s uncompromised sound, reliability, comfort and classy looks.”

The entry level product in the new range is the Rs. 5,000 Sennheiser HD 451, which features a closed-back circumaural design, which helps in ensuring that neither does sound leak out, but outside sound is passively blocked from entering as well. Additionally, there is only a single input cable which makes wearing and storage easier.

The HD 461 and HD 471 are available in two variants each; one comes with an iOS-compatible in-line remote and cable, while the other supports Android devices. Both variants come with detachable cables, while the premium HD 471 model also comes with an additional 3m cable for home use, a carry pouch and a 6.3mm adapter pin.

Sennheiser had earlier this year launched the new Momentum range of headphones, which are priced from Rs. 15,990 onwards.