Small and Big Budget

Today, in the busy life that we are living, we need to relax ourselves from time to time, and vacations are a great way of doing so. Hence, tourist spots are becoming popular, and at the same time due to the popularization of the tourist spot, hotels are also starting to grow in and around the spot. Due to the increase in the number of people visiting the place for vacation, today, we have plenty of hotels in a spot suiting our needs. Now, what do you expect when you stay at a hotel? General people expect their hotel room to be large, and to have certain basic amenities. Most people don’t see the intricate difference between each and every hotel. All they see is the same daily maid, the linen, the towel changing and the room service. In this article, we will see some of the difference which you, as a vacationer will get to see when you visit a small budget hotel and when you visit a big budget hotel.

In the past, some three to four decades ago, the idea of accomodation in a hotel was very primal and basic. Our perception about hotel accomodation has changed quite a lot over the past few decades. In the past, hotel rooms used to have a bed, a cupboard, a washstand and a small table. But, today most of the hotel features a modern equipment and facilities like king sized beds, modern furnished toilets, air-conditioned room, television, telephone, Wi-Fi connection and also a mini fridge which consititutes of some snacks and drinks.

Now, in the modern days, there are a plethora of hotels in every tourist spot that will appeal to the vacationers. While one can find big budgeted hotel, with lots of amenities and luxury, there are hotels which will come well in your budget and will also suit your needs at the same time. There are some amenities that both budget as well as luxury hotels offer, but they do have their differences as well.

Budget Hotels

As the name implies, budget hotels are generally meant for people who are vacationing in a low budget. They do not want to spend lavishly in the hotels, and hence, they spend as little as possible during their stay at these budget hotels. The budgte hotels provide all the basic amenities to their vacationers such as a good room, laundry services, good bed and toilets. Most of the budget hotel give all these basic features and some add-on features depending on the cost of the hotel. They are simple yet relaxing, but not fancy. 
In these type of hotels, most of the extra facilities that you might want to take is paid, including the morning tea. Sometimes, newspapers are provided for free, but generally, the price is included in the total bill. The room rates depend on the location of the hotel.

Luxury Hotels

On the other hand, luxury hotels are generally situated at the heart of the city, so that vacationers can commute to their destination easily. The staffs are specially trained and are handpicked from top schools of the city. These type of hotels aim towards their customer satisfaction, and they will do anything to satisfy you. The staffs are so trained so that, you can be completely stress free, and enjoy your stay out there. In addition to the amenities provided by the budget hotel, you will also get amenities such as, gym, restaurants, cafeteria, bar etc.

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