Sprucing Up The Tractor

Bring a new sense of style to your tractor with a few accessories. You can keep the original look but add new lighting, or you can use aftermarket tractor parts that will create a customized look, making your vehicle stand out among the others that are in the field.

A 3-point attachment is one that makes plowing a bit easier. It is easy to attach to the back of the tractor. There are spokes on the attachment that will graze through the ground. This is a part that would make it easy to create rows for all of the vegetables and other plants that are going into the ground.

Another item that you might need in the cab of the tractor is a filter. You can find filters of various sizes that prevent the dust and debris from entering the cabin. This is a benefit for those who spend long hours in the fields. You won’t have to wear a mask as often as the filter will keep the cab a little cleaner. If you have a tractor with an open cab, then a canopy is an accessory that you will find useful. There are a few different sizes and colors of canopies to choose from depending on how much coverage you want. The canopy will help to protect you from getting sun-burnt while in the open field. They are easy to put on the tractor, and you can take them off in a short time if you don’t want to feel like you’re constricted to one area.

If you plan on working outside at night while on the tractor, then you’ll need some kind of lighting system. There are some lights with LED bulbs that will shine much brighter than those that are originally on the tractor. It’s easier to see if there are small animals in the field or if there is debris that might be laying around from the work day. You can get a mounted light or one that is flexible and rotates while it sits on the side of the tractor. These are adjustable from the seat, giving you a bit more freedom with where the light shines on the ground.