Steroids for women

Even after steroids became very popular in bodybuilding and fitness worlds, still there are confusions and questions about their use by women. But they are socially accepted for men. Many people are still having questions and doubts about steroids safety and efficacy for use by women.

The major reason behind misconceptions about steroids usage by women is there is no much research on recreational use has done. Few countries have already stopped steroids production and sale and it is legally banned. There are very few studies which are conducted on steroids effects on women.

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The main reason women are scared to use steroids is due to its side effects. One of them could be loss of femininity. This fear is genuine to some extent because steroids like Clenbuterol and Anavar come with rich quantity of androgen testosterone. So there is a risk that women who use these steroids can be affected by high testosterone levels. Even though there is such a big fear in people on steroids usage by women, steroids usage for weight loss for women has already gained such a huge popularity. Anavar is the best female steroid and is used mostly by female bodybuilders. This may not have come under limelight, but already gained big acceptance in the market.

Side effects:

Steroids mimic the functions of natural hormones like testosterone. Steroids are synthetically derived hormones. Initially they were used only to treat few medical conditions like wasting diseases. Nowadays they are being used for many purposes.  People even use them illegally to improve physical appearance and enhance athletic abilities. Earlier it was in use only in bodybuilding world but now it has gained popularity in many walks of life both in men and women. Especially in women they can cause severe side effects.

Testosterone is naturally produced in both male and female bodies. Throughout the reproductive system, in women this hormone is stored in ovaries and even in some tissues. Steroids intake causes hormonal shifts in women and this will lead to abnormal menstrual cycles. Some of the abnormalities include erratic periods, heavier or lighter menstrual flow, fewer periods, and abnormal premenstrual symptoms. A condition known as amenhorrea, where a women stops menstruating may occur. This leads to infertility in women.

Few other side effects of steroids include increased body hair, facial hair, and deeper voice. These are similar to the androgenic changes in male during puberty. Some even experience baldness and unusual clitoris. For some women voice changes may be permanent and cannot be treated in future. Few women have even experienced reduction in the size of their breasts.

Steroids side effects on women even include potential emotional effects. They may experience depression, mood swings, irritability and hostility. This is even seen in men but women usually face severe mood swings especially before and after their menstrual cycles. This may go even deeper and in some cases it leads to rely on psychological treatments. There are many cases where people got abused to steroids. Misusing them is the main cause for experiencing severe side effects.