The Importance Of Sleep

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Over the past few decades, medical research has shown that a good night’s sleep is much more important to good health than doctors expected. The idea that a good night’s sleep is something people only get once in a while was thrown out the window when it was discovered that impaired sleep can lead to serious heart problems and other medical issues. Today, there is an entire industry built up around getting a good night’s sleep and it is an important topic for every person to discuss with their doctor.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is when the muscles in your neck obstruct your breathing during sleep. Not only does it prevent you from getting the deep sleep you need, but it also causes you to stop breathing several times a night. Some people with severe apnea stop breathing hundreds of times a night. It is only recently that we have learned how to diagnose sleep apnea and have developed the proper equipment to treat it.

CPAP Machines

The CPAP machine is the most common treatment used to solve the problem of sleep apnea. The machine consists of a pump that brings air from the room into a mask that is settled over the patient’s nose. The machine continuously pumps air into the nose and allows the patient to breathe freely all night long. Most patients notice a stark difference in the quality of sleep they get with a CPAP machine versus sleeping without one.

See Your Doctor Now

If you wake up every morning feeling like you have not slept and your partner or spouse tells you that you snore loudly, then you could have sleep apnea. If this condition is ignored, it could lead to hypertension or even heart disease. If you have these symptoms, it is important to see your doctor right away.

The medical world no longer takes a good night’s sleep for granted. If you are not getting the deep sleep you need every night, then it is important to see your doctor immediately.