The Not-So Amazing Things We Own (and the Better Things to Buy Instead)

We all have those items around the house that cause a momentary thought of “why did I buy this junk?”.

We keep holding onto these things because we’ve already made an investment — getting rid or selling it is an affront to our ownership. It’s almost like we don’t want to get rid of it out of spite.

There are a whole lot of these things we’re wasting money on. And, a bunch of items we should be splurging on, instead.

The Basic Things in Our Homes (and the Better Alternatives)

Every generation has a distinct set of shopping habits based on their upbringing, exposure to advertising/marketing, and tech-adoption.

However, if there’s one common factor it’s that we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. So much so that the storage industry rakes in tens of billions each year because we’re running out of space!

It’s not only that…

We’re spending a huge chunk of our paychecks on non-essential services. Comforting services that’ll save us time with cooking. Or, cleaning our homes.

What should we spend on instead?

Bloated Internet Services

Obviously, it’ll depend on whether you’re stuck in an area dominated by cable monopolies. But, some of that’s on us because we don’t look too deep into what’s being packaged with our Internet services.

A better option is to use an a-la-carte service so you’re getting only the services you need. It involves going to and comparing tiers vs taking that salesperson that stops you at Walmart at face value.

Food Delivery Services

HelloFresh and Uber Eats are pretty cool but you’re paying a huge premium for what would take an extra 15-20 minutes of your day. In fact, I think services like Hello Fresh robs you of developing an amazing skill, cooking because it takes out a lot of the trial and error.

Instead: Invest in some quality cast iron or ceramic cookware. Then, take a course in cooking (YouTube has a ton of free courses). Also, swing by your local farmer’s markets to save big and learn how to pick awesome ingredients.

Home Security (from a Company)

Home security services give you peace of mind but you can do the same by setting up your own systems.

The professional services cost hundreds each year for their equipment and monitoring services. For about $100 you can buy a cheap set of IR cameras for your home off Amazon.

You’ll configure the setup (so it will need some technical expertise). But, it’ll have the same effect of deterring would-be burglars because they’re present.

If it’s the monitoring you need then you could always keep the police on speed dial while mixing in spotlights, sirens, and other, loud alarms.

Cleaning Supplies

The laundry pods, Magic Erasers, bowl scrubbing bubbles, and the like. These cleaning items bring toxins into your home. And, run big bucks if you’re accustomed to buying the big brands.

Go old school with your cleaning supplies.

A mix of water and vinegar goes a long way for sanitizing and cleaning tough areas. A splash of bleach will do just fine on many surfaces, too. Invest in big boxes of powdered laundry detergent that’ll cost pennies per load.

Think Utility (Not “I’ve Got to Have It!”)

Look at how you use items if you want to save money. It’s asking the question of “Does this improve my quality of life?”.

You can apply this mode of thinking to any type of home gadget or gizmo. If it makes sense — and has a long-term purpose — then it’s worth its while (as long as you’re doing comparison shopping for the best quality and prices).