The Principles of Product Packaging: What Business Owners Must Know

The way your product packaging looks says a lot about your product. That very same box or bit of plastic also says a lot about your company. In fact, no matter who you’re selling to as your target audience, your packaging plays an integral role in whether you sell items or not.

That doesn’t mean you should go for the flashiest, most expensive packaging option possible though. The fact is that picking the right packaging depends on a variety of factors more complicated than just choosing the ‘best’.

Keep reading to learn more about product packaging and how picking the right package for your product, no matter what it is, can make a huge difference in sales numbers and the the life of your company.

Find Your Brand Identity

Building the perfect package for your product isn’t as simple as just making something that will hold your wares. What you really need is a package that shows off your brand identity and the brand identity you want to cultivate.

For example, if you’re selling cell phone covers, your packaging should be drastically different than, say, medical products packaging. After all, cell phone covers are for a consumer market, and medical products are intended for doctors and hospital use, where flashy packaging will be discouraged.

Know your brand identity and who will be buying your product. By narrowing down these two areas, you’ll find the packaging that’s cost-effective and smart for your brand.

Know Your Competition

You don’t want to copy the packaging of your competition, but if you’ve just started a business selling a product in a crowded market, knowing what others in your field are doing is wise. That’s because simply looking at existing packaging may be able to tell you what you should do and what consumers expect from your product.

If you can, improve on the package and create a unique niche for your brand with it. Even if you use a simple design, one or two distinguishing features can set your brand and your product apart on store shelves.

Consider Package Testing

No matter what you’re selling, having your packaging evaluated by a third party is often ideal. In fact, doing this is essential if you’re trying to sell a product that could be dangerous, flammable or easily breakable.

Outside package testing can also ensure that you have trained eyes on your packaging before it is released to the general public.