Tips For Clean Cleaners

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Our heating and cooling systems are invaluable. They keep us cool during the long summer months and warm during the winter months. How we care for them is a key factor in how long they will continue to operate as they should. There are a few key things we can do to keep our systems operating in tip top shape. These tasks are not time-consuming either. They literally take minutes to complete but have the ability to keep your heating and cooling system operating well.

Change Your Filter Monthly
One of the easiest yet most effective things that we can do for our systems is to change the filter once a month. A filter doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do when it’s filled with dust and debris. Change your filter monthly to protect the air quality in your home and to keep your system functioning optimally.

Keep the Exterior Unit Clean
It’s not surprising to see how much dirt and debris can accumulate on the exterior of your HVAC unit. This dirt and debris could be potentially hazardous because it could get stuck in the fan. Periodically clean the exterior of your HVAC unit to eliminate the possibility of dirt and debris causing a problem for your HVAC unit. It’s easy to keep the exterior of your HVAC unit clean. It doesn’t require physical vapor deposition to do this. Just take a little time to remove dirt and twigs and your unit should continue to run well.

Call a Service Tech for an Annual Check up
Although our own efforts to maintain our HVAC systems are helpful, we still need the services of a professional technician. A technician can inform us if parts are wearing out and even spot issues before they become a problem. The services that a technician can provide are helpful because they are extremely knowledgeable about HVAC systems. A technician can open your unit and take a look at the internal parts to make sure every thing is operating well.

Our heating and cooling systems have to last throughout the hot summer months and the cold winter months. This is why we should do our part when it comes to taking consistent action when it comes to caring for our units. The filters should be changed monthly, your unit should be serviced yearly, and the exterior of the unit should be kept clean. Take care of your HVAC unit and it will take care of you.