Tips for Making Your Fundraiser a Great Success

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One of the most common jobs for a volunteer in a nonprofit organization is raising funds for that organization. It doesn’t matter whether you’re helping with the PTA, an animal rescue, a local sports team, an advocacy group, or any other nonprofit, your group will inevitably need to make money. All too often, a nonprofit will end up spending a ton of time and energy organizing a fundraiser only to come away with a little money to show for it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your fundraiser is a success.

First of all, plan your fundraisers based on the resources that you already have at your disposal. Don’t pick a fundraiser that will cost a lot of money to hold if you can’t be sure of how much you will make. Instead, find out what is already available amongst your group’s members, including their skills and talents. For example, if you have members will time and energy to spare, you can host a carnival where you build your own games and activities. If you have a group of people who like to cook, consider a bake sale.

If you do need to outlay money for your fundraiser, work with reputable, local companies so you can get a good deal. For example, if you plan to produce large quantities of embroidered jackets to sell for a fundraiser, look into buying wholesale embroidery from a company like Creative Images Embroidery for a good deal. This way your organization will reap more of the profits from their fundraising event.

The most important key to holding a great fundraiser is getting the message out about it. This can be accomplished through traditional methods such as word of mouth, flyers, and advertising. However, the most effective method of spreading the news about your fundraiser these days is probably social media. If you can effectively get your event shared on multiple social media platforms you will attract a much larger audience. Try to make sure your postings target the people who will be most likely to participate in your fundraising project.

While the most important element of your fundraiser is to raise money, a successful fundraiser can accomplish even more. By spreading awareness of your nonprofit and growing community good will, your fundraiser can be the gift that keeps giving.