Tips For Sales Staff To Put Themselves In Customers’ Shoes

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There are many sales representatives that are basically naturals. They feel if customers want to buy something and they know how to make the sale. However, this does not mean that there are never ways to improve the service that is offered.

Gordon Tang always says that the best salesperson is the one that puts himself/herself in the shoes of the customer. It is really important that you never assume what the target wants. Taking into account the point of view of the customer is always the best way to actually make a sale since this offers the information you need to properly handle a lead. This is why you need to think about the following.

Price Increases

An important thing to figure out is that people tend to associate the premium products with really high prices. This is why in many cases sales go up as prices are raised. It is a strategy that is often seen as counter-intuitive but this does set a product apart from the competition while implying that what is sold is actually better. The problem is that customers have to actually see the value associated with the higher price.

Brand Public Perception

When you want to boost sales it is vital that you think about the brand’s public perception. This can easily set a product apart and make it stand out in front of the competition. When looking at the smaller businesses, the importance of proper branding is even higher. It is quite vital to convey a really solid brand message. This is needed for practically everything, ranging from marketing materials to the logo. Proper branding can have a really high impact on overall profits.

Time Limit Sales Tactics

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to associate a product with a specific time limit. As you plan sales, be sure that time limits are added to all promotion materials used. This will cause people to hurry up and actually take action. Since there is a time limit associated with a deal, customers do not have the time needed to change their minds or think too much about the product. Being forced to act really fast does boost sales.

Fear Selling

In this case we refer to a pain or fear of loss, which can be used to boost sales. Emotions associated with losses will trigger responses in a consumer. When a service or product is offered and it can create such emotions, you should figure out how to properly take advantage.

Seriously consider designing the promotions in such a way that the potential customer ends up feeling that when the service or product is not bought, they will end up missing out on something that could potentially help get rid of the expressed feelings.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you want to learn all that you can about your customers. You need to fully understand what they need, like and want. When you do this, it is really easy to make a sale, which is exactly what you want at the end of the day.