Tips for Selling Your Junk Car for Cash

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Over 12 million cars are recycled in North America annually. And according to the automobile recycling industry, the US and Canada alone recycle enough steel annually to produce almost 13 million new cars. Only about 65% of a car is composed of steel or iron, but 80% of a vehicle can easily be recycled. The remaining 20% is referred to as ASR or “Auto Shredder Residue”. Nonetheless, while most cars do eventually get recycled, far too few car owners realize just how easy it is to get cash on the spot for your clunker. So here are some simple tips to help you sell your junk car for cash.

Get the Title in Your Name

Selling a junk car for cash to a scrap yard is one of the easiest ways to get extra cash on the spot, but there are still specific requirements on your end. While you may have a vehicle in your possession, you cannot legally sell it to a recycling or scrap yard without the title. And that title must be in the name of the person selling the car. The DMV can assist with that easily enough. But you’ll need to trade in your plates, cancel your insurance (to avoid ongoing fees), and trade your car with the title for cash.

Estimate the Value of Your Vehicle

Not all junk cars are clunkers. Serious mechanical repair issues, accidents, stripping or extreme body damage, and even recall concerns can lead to the owner opting to recycle or sell their car for cash. Checking the Blue Book value can help you realize what your car’s actually worth in decent condition. Of course, you won’t get that price for it, but it will give you an idea of how you might get as much as possible out of your junk car.

Call Around and Get a Price Estimate

The value of steel doesn’t change between scrap yards, but their professional estimate of your vehicle may differ significantly. An estimate is just that… a professional guess or opinion of worth based on the info given. The final value is determined at the time of transfer. So it’s crucial you’re honest and upfront about the real condition of the vehicle you’re attempting to sell. Omitting important details can drastically reduce the expected return. If the highest or most reasonable estimate is still far lower than expected, simply consider selling extra components to offset the difference. A GPS system, stereo, mats, tires, and even your battery can be recycled or sold for extra cash.

Call and Schedule an Appointment for Cash on the Spot

Many times, a vehicle is not drivable when it’s time to be scrapped or recycled. A good scrap yard or recycling center can provide towing services free of charge. However, if your car is drivable, delivering it yourself may add some extra cash in your pocket. The better condition your vehicle is in at the time of transfer, the more it’ll be worth. But if it’s not drivable or if your schedule or life demands interfere with that option, simply give us a call sell your junk car for cash and we’ll do the rest.