5 Tips to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

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There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road, and the warmer months act as a siren call to easy riders nationwide. A quick spruce up of their favorite two-wheeled cycle for a long dusty ride can make everything right in the world again… at least until a motorcycle accident occurs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), motorcycle fatalities are 27 times more common than fatalities in other vehicle types. So as much as riding the old (or new) bike may be, safety is paramount. Here are some top tips to prevent a Michigan motorcycle accident.

Plan and Prepare for Road and Weather Conditions

A tiny bump or summer shower can be disastrous for a biker. Add in potholes and electrical storms and you’re looking at a catastrophe in the making. Always check the weather prior to heading out. Use tracking apps and plan a route to avoid bad roads, construction, and potential weather issues if necessary. The extra few clicks may help ensure you get to ride another day.

Wear Protective and Safety Gear

The right protective gear can do more than make you look like a force on the road. It can also save your life in an accident. Leather pants, jackets, and boots go a long way to preventing wind burns, deep scratches, and potentially serious wounds. But a helmet can literally save your brain. Only 19 states currently require all motorcyclists to wear one and Michigan isn’t on the list. But there are specific requirements needed in place before you’re able to ride legally without one. If those aren’t in place, use your head and wear a helmet. It could save your life.

Focus on the Road

Any type of driver needs to keep their attention on their driving. And since motorcycles are less stable by design than other options, this is especially important. Distracted driving, or even riding, can lead to dangerous or even fatal consequences. So put the phones away and keep your eyes on the road.

Avoid Reckless Driving Behavior

It can be especially difficult to gain control when driving at excessive speeds on a motorcycle. Slow down to get to your destination quicker. Just because a motorcycle is smaller and more portable than a car doesn’t mean you should bob and weave between them. Distracted drivers can easily run into a cyclist they don’t know is there. The same is true when riding on the shoulder or center lane. Not only are those behaviors illegal, but they’re potentially fatal decisions as well.

Attend a Training Course

Anyone with enough cash or credit can buy a decent motorcycle. But that doesn’t mean they should be riding it. Maneuvering a two-wheeled vehicle is very different from operating a car. It may take some time and patience to practice and develop or redevelop skills. A professional training course can help anyone develop those skills quickly while learning about and applying the most crucial safety tips that can help avoid an unexpected call to a competent Michigan motorcycle accident attorney. But if you still need us, we’re here.