Today’s Leading Trends in the Building Industry

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2017 has been a great year for construction in many areas of North America. There is lots of residential and commercial construction happening throughout North America actually with cities from New York, to Toronto, to Washington, and Vancouver seeing lots of construction projects going up all around their cities and in their neighboring suburbs as well.

What is driving growth is a continually improving economy and good optimism by citizens about where things are heading economically. And as things continue to improve even more, we are sure to see experts like Dean Kirkland WA based commercial construction company owner, have continued growth in many cities in North America.

Here are trends we can expect over the coming year in construction 

Labor Shortages

In 2016 the new was filled with stories about construction labor shortages. In fact companies would often incentivize workers to relocate from one part of the country in order to fill positions where they were needed. As a result there were severe shortages nearly everywhere. In August of 2016, the Associated General Contractors of America reported that there were over 200,000 unfulfilled construction positions in the US and that more than two-thirds of construction firms are having a difficult time hiring everyone they needed.  On the agenda for the US government is infrastructure projects that demand lots of construction workers. Projects including the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines have been recently approved requiring tens of thousands of workers showing that there are even more construction jobs coming.  There is similar growth happening in Canada where its big cities are rebuilding or expanding services requiring tens of thousands of construction workers to be employed. There is currently a national agenda filtering into cities including Toronto and Montreal creating a construction boom. In Toronto for example there are more than 25 hi-rise projects under construction. Many are new office towers and others are tall condominiums providing striking views of the city. The forecast is for robust construction through 2018 and beyond.

Cost Savings

Because construction labor is at a premium, workers can demand the upper end of their pay scales. As a result, construction companies are always looking for ways to cut costs. One ways is by using new technology on construction projects, some of which can replace human labor.

As a result new tech like autonomous machinery, virtual reality, and drones are being used more and more.

Autonomous Machinery – These include machines that can be programmed to do work on a construction site that would normally be handled by humans. These jobs include more materials, riveting, hammering and gluing operations. Machines can now do many of these more quickly and efficiently and as importantly, more safely.

Drones – Drone technology allows developers to constantly maintain a complete visual overview of a construction project. This was simply not possible previously, but today drones that can fly anywhere within, or around a project, make it easy. Because they can spot problems early and help avoid any that may occur because they were not spotted early, drones can save time and money.

The outlook for the industry is healthy growth and using more machines to cut costs and improve safety on construction sites.