Top 3 Best-selling Gaming Smartphones in India under 20K

Mobile gaming is one of the recent concepts that is fast gaining popularity around the world. Well, right from the time mobile phones hit the market, we all have played that iconic ‘snake’ game, but today, with the advancement in technology, the modern day mobiles have the capacity to run the most advanced games. In fact, the mobile makers are putting in special efforts to load the phone with high-tech graphic processor that lets the users enjoy a great gaming session. It would be no surprise if the gaming gadget like X-box becomes obsolete and everyone starts to play games on their smartphone. So, if you are a gaming enthusiast and are looking to buy a phone that would quench your gaming thirst, then some of the best gaming mobiles under 20000 you can consider buying are:

Asus Zenfone 2

Without beating around the bush, this phone from the Asus had to inevitably make it to the list of best gaming phones available in the market currently. Thanks to its massive 4GB RAM and 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor, the phone has the capacity to run even the most complex and graphic heavy gaming with utmost ease and give you the most enjoyable gaming experience. Adding fun to the gaming experience is the phone’s 5.5 inch full HD IPS display that makes every aspect of the game look crystal clear and yet is easy to the eye. So get ready for a long and intriguing gaming sessions, this phone can handle things rough.

OnePlus One

When this phone hits the market, it was an immediate sensation. The phone went off the shelf like hot pancakes. You might have all read about the awesome features and performance of this phone but there is one lesser known fact about this phone and that is it has an amazing gaming capability. The 64GB internal memory capacity lets you store and install your favourite games and enjoy playing at anytime and anywhere. What makes this phone unique from other gaming mobiles is its 1080 x 1920 pixels display resolution. With such sharp display, any game you play, you get a feeling of being in the midst of the action. The 3100 mAh battery ensures that there is no stoppage or interruption in your gaming sessions and keeps your phone running for a longer time.

Sony Xperia Z1

Sony is the perfect all-rounder phone, there is very little that this phone cannot do. It has the most amazing hardware specifications in its category, it is fast and lets you browse through the internet with lightning fast speed, and it has a brilliant camera that lets you click some stunning quality pictures even in low and poor light conditions. Well, that is not all; it is also a great phone to enjoy gaming. The powerful hardware that includes 2.2 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM ensures that even the graphics heavy game runs flawlessly and let you enjoy a great gaming experience. The 64GB storage capacity provides sufficient space for you to store all your favourite games.