Top Tips for Job Seeking Graduates According to Larry Polhill Cafe Valley

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Before you graduate from college and start to look for your next job, you may want to follow some guidelines to make sure you actually find something. Larry Polhill Cafe Valley helps graduating students do just that. They are also there to provide a healthy dose of realism: nobody rolls out of college and instantly becomes the President of the APFC, or the Director of Investors at the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Rather, it is about knowing where to look for work and how to apply for jobs and be successful. Finally, it is about knowing how to grow within those positions. Then, and only then, can you have hopes of ending up in those top positions.

Larry Polhill Cafe Valley on What to Do in College

They say that proper preparation prevents poor performance. This is why Polhill believes it is vital that students start their search when they are in college. This is true not in the least because most colleges and universities have excellent career services available that you can access for free. They will give you a the tools and resources you need in order to be successful in your search.

Some of the key things that you have to learn in your senior year include:

  1. How to write a proper resume.
  2. How to successfully answer interview questions.
  3. How to write a cover letter that is designed to impress.

These are all things that your careers service in college can help you with. But additionally, you should take any time you have available to practice going to interview with your friends and roommates. This will also instantly mean you spend less time in the clubs and bars and at parties, meaning you will be nice and rested when you do get an interview. Remember, even if you graduate as top of the class with the best credentials, you won’t be hired if you’re hung over during your interview.

When you have almost finished college, you might want to consider enrolling in an internship. While it is certainly true that you won’t get paid for this work, you will earn a lot of other very important things. Experience is one of those things, but also the opportunity to network. Those people you got coffee for as an intern, are the same people who might end up deciding to hire you permanently. Or they may remember you in the future, if you have a job elsewhere and want to work together, for instance.

Finding a good job as a graduate is mainly down to looking in the right places. There are plenty of online job boards available where you can find lots of good information. Do make sure, however, that the job board you are looking at is a reputable one that is regularly updated as well. Register your own resume on that site as well, so you can be found, and make sure you have a properly completed LinkedIn profile to share as well.