What is the TABC?

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As one can probably imagine, there is an incredible amount of information one needs to know if they plan to work in the alcohol industry. And since information varies extensively from one state to the next, it’s important to know about any and all state specific licenses and permits that you may need to purchase, sell, serve, transport and/or distribute alcohol. The alcohol licensing agency for the great state of Texas is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, otherwise known as TABC. And there is a lot you might want to learn about tabc licensing.

Types of Alcohol TABC Manages

The TABC oversees and manages the legal requirements for any alcoholic beverage that contains more than one half of one percent of alcohol.

TABC Mission

The mission of the TABC is to provide increased safety precautions for the people who live in Texas. The TABC feels that teaching sellers and servers certain regulations that they will be much less likely to sell alcohol to underage minors and/or intoxicated individuals.

TABC Guidelines

The guidelines and regulations that the TABC uses can all be found in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. This lengthy document includes information on everything from a brewer’s self distribution permit to a manufacturer’s agent’s warehousing permit. This is definitely your best source of information for guidelines, tabc licensing information and regulations.

TABC Permit

In order to serve alcohol you need to have a state certified TABC permit. In order to receive a permit you must be at least eighteen years of age and you must have completed a TABC certified alcohol awareness program within the year prior to submitting your application for a server permit. After obtaining your permit make sure to give your employer a copy. Although it is their responsibility to ensure compliance your employer is legally required to be able to produce all their staff permits when/if requested.