What to Know About Traveling in An Airstream

The distinctively rounded silver aluminum shells of Airstream travel trailers and RVs certainly aren’t a new thing to see on the roads. According to RV rental site Outdoorsy, the original concept of the Airstream dates back to 1929 when Wally Byam built what many see as the first RV, combining the chassis of a Model T Ford and a tent.

The history and love of the Airstream are enduring, and now there are countless people who either go for new models to travel the country, or they search for the vintage Airstreams.

So what should you know about the Airstream life whether it’s something you’re considering for a vacation or full-time living?

The Advantages of An Airstream

There’s a reason that Airstream continues to be a favorite brand year after year. People find there’s a lot of advantages to opting for these travel trailers and RVs over other brands.

Some of the benefits people cite include the fact that they have a highly durable body design and construction, and the interiors are top quality. They’re also generally easy to tow and tend to have a strong resale value.

Airstreams do tend to be more expensive than most other similar options, but that can be why it’s good to rent one rather than making a purchase, at least before you’re sure it’s right for you.

Distinctive Style

Fans of the Airstream’s distinctive style have likened it to the Apple brand. Airstream, while it has introduced modern elements, has really stayed true to a lot of the original concepts because they’re tried and true.

Airstream is a brand that even people not familiar with RVs and travel trailers can recognize, and the minimalist style actually feels modern, despite the fact that it was first introduced so many years ago.

The Founder of Zappos Lives in an Airstream

Tony Hsieh made his fortune as the founder of Zappos, but he still enjoys the simplicity of living in an Airstream. He even created a trailer park in a parking lot in Las Vegas in 2014. It started with 30 Airstream trailers and tiny homes, and it was part of his larger effort to revitalize Las Vegas and bring affordable living opportunities to the city.

The trailer park houses everyone from people who are visiting the city to young professionals.

There Are Airstream-Only Parks

One of the things a lot of Airstream aficionados find so great about this particular brand of travel trailer and RV is the sense of community that’s developed around them. People who love Airstreams also like to get to know one another and share their experiences. There’s everything from blogs to print magazines about the Airstream lifestyle, and there’s also Airstream-only parks throughout the country.

Each of the Airstream parks in the U.S. is unique, and some of the states where you’ll find these venues include Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia, among others.

The Airstream-only parks range from bare bones to highly luxurious, so there’s something for everyone, along with the ability to see other people’s Airstreams and their lifestyles.

It’s doubtful that the love of Airstreams will disappear anytime soon, and in fact, it’s become even more popular in recent years with younger people taking a serious interest in the iconic trailers.