When A Hurricane Approaches, Communites Should Take A Number Of Steps To Prepare

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How Communities Should Plan For A Hurricane

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, then you’ll know that planning ahead is the best way to deal with their impact. Trying to figure out what to do after the fact is never a good idea. As a community, there are a number of things that can be implemented to ensure that everyone makes it through ok and the recovery afterwards goes smoothly.

Community Preparedness

Both the community as a whole and individuals located in within a hurricane’s path should take steps to prepare for the storm before it arrives. For the community, that means gathering extra supplies such as nonperishable food, water and blankets. Backup generators should also be gathered and shelters should be established for those who can’t evacuate. For those who can and do what to leave, there should predetermine evacuation routes set up and the community should be informed of them.

Individual Preparedness

Individuals and families should also take steps before the storm arrives. This means stocking up on nonperishable food, water, and batteries. Vehicles should be fully fueled and dwellings should be boarded up as best as possible. An evacuation route should already be in place if circumstances warrant leaving. Portable radios should also be on hand to keep up to date on the storm in the event that power is lost.

Handling Recovery

Hurricanes can produce a lot of damage to a community and thoughts of how to recover should also be preplanned. For families and individuals, insurance policies should be readily available to make claims as soon as possible. It’s the quickest way to return to a normal life if the home has suffered significant damage. Community leaders will want to get infrastructure and normal civic operations back up as soon as possible. A good option is to contract with an organization that provides hurricane relief services. These type of institutions have experience and resources in what is required and should be on the to-do list after a disaster. The prime focus of the community should be reestablishing power, clean up and ensuring the safety of the citizens.