Why Do People Have Plastic Surgery

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People who don’t have plastic surgery as an option often wonder what might inspire someone to have a plastic surgery procedure. The first motivator is, usually, opportunity. If you don’t have the budget or insurance to pay for plastic surgery, you might not view it as a realistic option or know if you really would have plastic surgery if you had the opportunity to do so. Some facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC can be very expensive, so if you don’t have the funding to have it, you might always wonder why someone would choose to have plastic surgery on their face.


Perhaps the first and most urgent type of facial plastic surgery is the type of surgery performed to reconstruct facial features destroyed in a bad car accident or other type of accident. These people don’t go into the procedure intending to look better. They are forced to turn to plastic surgeons in order to restore facial features already damaged. Reconstructive surgery differs in that it is motivated by necessity and not a desire to look different.

Birth defects

Some people are born with birth defects that leave them with facial features that cause them difficulty in everyday life. These birth defects mean that the person may at some point want to consider facial plastic surgery to rid themselves of birth defects that are already there. Once again, this differs from completely changing a facial feature to look “better.”

Aesthetic reasons

Finally, some people aren’t pleased with their God-given facial features. They might dislike their nose, the way their eyes sit on the face, or the appearance of their mouth. Alternately, there are people who dislike the features of aging that appear on their face as they get older (for example, wrinkles). The procedures here will differ significantly from surgeries done to reconstruct the face after an injury or to rid a face of birth defects. For these people, the surgery is done so that they can feel better about their appearance.

One of the chief results of facial plastic surgery is that people feel better about their appearance after the surgery. While the surgery makes them look different on the outside, it also allows them to feel more comfortable with their appearance. These surgeries might be costly, but for the people that have them, they improve quality of life tremendously.