Why You Should Choose BestRX

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BestRX is a pharmacy management software company that is committed to your success by helping your business become more profitable. The BestRX Pharmacy Management System is a signature product that will ultimately help you manage your business in a more effective and efficient way. You can count on this system to assist you with a wide variety of tasks such as inventory management and claims processing.

What Makes BestRX Different?

Many independent and retail pharmacies have been waiting for what BestRX has to offer. BestRX offers many of the same features that larger retails provide but BestRX is offered at a much lower price. No special training is needed to use the products.

Scanning Prescriptions More Effectively

BestPOS pharmacy POS software allows you to scan prescription images in a quick and efficient way. This system gives you the option to manually scan prescription images or to scan them in a batch. By having the ability to scan them in a batch, you can ultimately cut down on a lot of time. This process also increases functionality on the pharmacy’s part.

Capturing Signatures

Another feature that BestRX provides is electronic signature capture. This feature allows you to use a signature pad so that signatures can be captured electronically. This ultimately allows pharmacies to capture prescription information, credit card information, and PSE signatures. This system also contains the accurate date and time of when the signature was taken. This information is very important for audits and verification.

Use BestRX To Be More Productive

If you work in a pharmacy, you know how important it is to have the right solutions for your business. The BestRX system was designed to be easy to use. By using this system, you will be able to manage patient profiles more efficiently. It will also make the inventory process, processing, and billing for your business much easier. By using this pharmacy management system documentation, you will be able to see how powerful and feature-rich this system truly is.