You Can Find Firework Rockets for Sale Online

What Fourth of July or New Years is complete without parties, seeing your friends and loved ones, sharing a cold one and playing with fireworks? These things are as American as Ford and apple pie. Using these very popular holidays to indulge in these things has become an American tradition, and will surely continue in this generation and the next.

Fireworks range from the very tame to the highly explosive and attention grabbing. Consumers can purchase a wide range from sparklers to firecrackers to roman candles and even rockets. The ones available to consumers tend to be much less powerful than the ones you see on professional fireworks displays. This of course is for the sake of safety. In the US, twenty eight states permit the sale of all or most types of consumer fireworks to residents of those states.

Although all fireworks offer some level of entertainment, by far the most popular are firework rockets:


As you would imagine, the idea behind a rocket firework is for it to lift up in the air and explode. The most famous type of rocket firework is the bottle rocket, which are small rockets that whistle while blasting off into the sky and explode when they reach their peak. They got their name because people would place them in a soda bottle to keep them upright, and then light the short fuse.

Larger rockets are the fireworks that we see in professional fireworks displays on the holidays. These rockets consist of a charge that will cause lift, and an explosive head, where the color elements are stored for the brilliant effects we all love and expect. Rockets are the most familiar type of firework available, and are a great versatile firework due to the range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

There are rocket fireworks also sold to consumers but they are less powerful than the ones used by professionals. These rockets however can also give off brilliant displays and are very entertaining.

Where to Purchase Firework Rockets

As mentioned fireworks can be purchased legally in 28 US states. They can also be shipped to states where they are legal and as a result they can be purchased online. Reputable online fireworks companies will understand the laws in your state and only ship you fireworks that are legal where you are. They will have many different types of firework rockets for sale, from the small bottle rockets to the large ones that cause crowds to gather in awe.

Rocket Safety

All rockets must be launched from a stationary rocket launching tube and angled away from spectators to explode over an open area. When firing rockets you should always avoid obstructions and never fire it through trees.

All fireworks should only be handled by people over eighteen and it is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under eighteen. When not handled properly, fireworkscan be very dangerous and there are stories everyone year about someone being injured seriously because of mishandling fireworks.

However when used properly fireworks and especially rocket fireworks add fun and excitement to our special occasions.